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A family of educators committed to education equity, justice and access. 


Hi! I'm Cassandra Brentley and I created Pulling Brilliance Out in STEM, or PBOinSTEM, in December of 2019.  I decided take my passion project to the next level and create a platform to share activities and resources that I use with my own children to support their STEM learning at home.  PBO takes on a double meaning, as it is the initials of my three children: Preston, age 7, Braxton, age 4, and Olivia, age 3 and PBO is also an acronym for Pulling Brilliance Out.  My goal is to educate and empower parents about STEM education and why it is so vital to preparing our children for success in the 21st Century.  Our blog will share activities, app recommendations, simple experiments and other resources to inspire parents and show them that you do not have to be an expert to expose your child to STEM learning at home. 


Some people do not realize that our society has moved into the 4th Industrial Revolution, also known as 4IR.  The World Economic Forum, (WEF) describes 4IR as, "the advent of “cyber-physical systems” involving entirely new capabilities for people and machines".  Think about self-driving cars and same day grocery delivery services and you can see how advances in technology are leading our society into ubiquitous computing.  What is ubiquitous computing?  I'm glad you asked, it is the hidden integration of technology into human environments, think easy pass and smart home automation.  So why should you care about any of this as it relates to your child's education?  Another great question! Did you know, 65 percent of children entering grade school today will end up working in jobs that don’t even exist yet, according to a recent future of jobs report published by the WEF.  The video below shares some examples of these future jobs and ways we can begin thinking about how to help our kids thrive in the 21st Century. 

As we all navigate parenting through a pandemic, I also plan to share parenting and relationship blogs.  From time to time, you will also see my husband, Mark, contribute to the blog and share resources on STEM learning activities you can do with your children at home  from his perspective as a father and educator.  Thanks for checking out our blog! Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube!

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